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therapeutic trisulfate combination of glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin
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Ginko Biloba

Item No. 1306 / 60 Tablets

60 Tablets $10.00

Ginkgo is an herb derived from the leaves of the gingko biloba tree (also called maidenhair) native to China. Gaining in popularity, Americans and Europeans are now experiencing the medicinal value of Ginkgo biloba that has been recognized by the Asian population for hundreds of years.

Ginkgo is one herb where the effects on the body and brain are truly remarkable!

Each Life Style Ginkgo biloba tablet contains 40 mg., standardized to 24% Ginkgo flavoglycosides.

Product Benefits

  • As a potent anti-oxidant, Ginkgo benefits the circulatory system by strengthening arterial and capillary wall strength and flexibility, enhancing blood flow to various parts of the body and to critical organ tissues, most notably the brain.
  • Protecting precious brain cells from damage helps to boost mental clarity and acuity.
  • The ageing population appears to reap the most benefit from Ginkgo. Effects of the ageing process on vision and general cardiovascular health are often improved by regular doses of Ginkgo. It also is being researched for its role in senility, headaches, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and atheroclerotic peripheral vascular disease. This disease impairs walking and ginkgo has been shown to help blood flow to the legs allowing people to walk further with far less pain.

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) tablet, twice a day, preferably with a meal or as directed by your physician.

  • WARNING: If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, breast feeding, taking any prescription medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician or healthcare professional before using any product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not exceed recommended dosage.


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